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Citizens have a very important role in preventing the proliferation of the tiger mosquito since it is estimated that more than 90% of the spaces where the insect can breed are private. For this reason it is very important that each person takes responsibility for preventing the mosquito from breeding in their home.


You just have to follow these tips:

Eliminate objects that can accumulate water or empty it weekly, vases, ashtrays, drinkers ...   Hermetically cover, with a lid or mosquito net, the water tanks for irrigation.
Put boats, wheelbarrows or trailers under cover, or put them upside down or cover them with a tarp.   Remove (green dot) the old tires.
Put red fish that will eat the mosquito larvae in ornamental rafts and garden fountains.   Clean roof and terrace gutters of leaves annually.

It is important not to lower your guard. Periodically review the house and educate people around us to do the same at home.