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Citizens have a particularly important role to play in preventing the spread of the tiger mosquito, since it is estimated that more than 90% of the spots where the insect can breed are private. That’s why it’s especially important for each person to take responsibility for preventing the tiger mosquito from breeding in and around their home.

Just follow this advice:

Remove all items that may accumulate water, or empty them weekly: vases, plant pots, ashtrays, troughs...   Hermetically seal irrigation water deposits with a lid or with mosquito netting.

Place boats, wheelbarrows or trailers under cover, or turn them upside down and cover them with tarpaulin.   Take old tyres to the waste processing centre.
Populate ornamental garden ponds or fountains with goldfish, since they eat mosquito larvae.   Clean out leaves from roof and terrace guttering every year.

It’s important not to let your guard down. You should periodically check your home and raise the awareness of those around you so that they do the same in their homes.