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Making sure there are none



The tiger mosquito is an invasive species from Asia that is currently expanding its range worldwide. It´s a small, black insect with white stripes. Females lay their eggs in dry places, on the inside of small recipients that are likely to contain water [<200 litres]. The larvae are aquatic. The tiger mosquito has a small radius of action. If we can prevent it from finding places to breed in and around our homes, we’ll be the main beneficiaries!



The mosquito tiger was first detected in Catalonia in 2004. Since then, in line with the expansion model observed in other countries, it has spread practically throughout Catalonia. It should be borne in mind that this insect is capable of causing significant outbreaks of emerging tropical diseases such as dengue, chikungunya haemorrhagic fever or the disease caused by the Zika virus.



The monitoring and control measures implemented by the public authorities in public spaces are of great importance in combating its spread. However, the attitude of citizens, who can help to prevent the existence of breeding points in private spaces, is equally crucial. It is worth pointing out that only two out of every ten possible breeding points are found in public spaces.